How to scale your influencer marketing campaigns with Klaviyo

Why are you outreaching to influencers in the first place?

I have consulted with many brands that want to execute influencer campaigns for the sake of it. Collaborating with influencers is about connecting with people. Who are you? What's your story? Why should anyone listen to you?. Influencers need to be inspired and want to take action.

How to identify Influencers within a relevant niche

Firstly I do not recommend this email strategy for influencers with more than 200,000 followers, They are macro influencers and celebrities who are unlikely to respond to a cold email. If you do want this tier of influencer go through the proper channels being their management or agency. Let's decide on a micro-influencer who's got 5,000 followers in the travel niche. Start by looking at the quality of the content. Then get a consensus of the influencer and what they represent. Do they have a positive sentiment with their audience? Look for key words such as "where was this" or "OMG I need to go" for example. This shows they have an active audience that converts. When selecting influencers add their name and email address to a spreadsheet.

How to find influencer email addresses

Most influencers have their email address on their profiles or through a link they've provided.

Note that via desktop you are unable to see the email

button so I recommend you do this on mobile.

How to write an effective influencer outreach email

Connecting with influencers is about inspiring them to take action. It's crucial you get your story across in a way that feels as personal as possible.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Don't talk about yourself and instead lead with your story or mission
  • Be personal by saying Hi "First name" and not a general Hi
  • Always have follow ups because influencers may have missed your email or forgot to reply
  • End with a clear call to action

Here's an email I wrote for a local bakery that had no budget to pay influencers. They are offering free and personalised mince pies. Although this a nice gesture, we needed to lead with a strong narrative to get buy-in from influencers. Otherwise influencers will not understand your mission meaning you fall peril to a simple"shoutout". Nothing is guaranteed without a fee and contract in place. In this campaign we had neither. Only a strong narrative that offered influencers the opportunity to support a local business during a challenging time:

I sent 385 personalised influencer emails within minutes, including a follow up email to influencers that had not opened or replied to my email:

In this blog I will walk you through a step-by-step strategy I use to send hundreds of personalised influencer emails using Klaviyo.

Klaviyo is 45 dollars a month. This price includes 1,500 profiles and 15,000 email sends.

There is cheaper solutions out there however I can't comment on how user-friendly they are.

How to setup Klaviyo

Start by uploading the names and email addresses of your influencers via a CSV file:

1. Creating a list under "Lists & Segments"

2. Segment your influencer list for personalised follow up emails

You can segment your influencer list dependent on their actions e.g not opened your email or replied. Here's the ways you can segment your influencer list on Klaviyo:

3. Create a personalised email campaign.

Klaviyo enables you to get personal by adding dynamic fields to your email. These fields will populate with your CSV fields. Klaviyo will prompt you to confirm the fields are aligned correctly when you upload your list. For example the influencers name on your CSV file is aligned with the {{first_name}} field on Klaviyo and so on. It's straightforward and a great tactic to make your emails feel personal at scale.

How to track and optimise the performance of your outreach campaigns

The first KPI to focus on is your email open rate. You can boost this with email follow ups and A/B testing the subject line of your outreach emails. There is a wide range of data available depending on your objective. Here's a Klaviyo report for the Arundel bakery campaign.

If you would like to scale your nano-mid tier influencer campaigns then folllow this strategy. If you'd like a platform demonstration of Social Plug you can schedule a free call by clicking here

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