From TikTok sensation to viral success

How Ben Newman became a viral sensation

The Rise of Ben Newman


Ben Newman, known as Spudman, experienced a remarkable journey from TikTok sensation to entrepreneurial success. This case study delves into how Ben leveraged TikTok to boost his jacket potato business in Tamworth, highlighting the importance of consistent posting, audience engagement, and leveraging viral trends.


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Ben Newman recognised an opportunity to elevate his jacket potato business by leveraging TikTok. With attention on social media at an all-time high, he embarked on a journey to showcase his business and connect with a global audience.

Posting Schedule

Ben Newman's success on TikTok can be attributed to his unwavering commitment to consistent posting. In 2021, he posted 241 videos, followed by an impressive 728 videos in 2022 and 701 videos in 2023. This dedication to regular content creation contributed significantly to his visibility and reach on the platform.

Engagement with Audience:Key to Ben's success was his active engagement with his TikTok audience. By responding to comments, interacting with followers, and incorporating audience feedback, he fostered a sense of community and connection. This genuine engagement not only built a loyal fan base but also strengthened his business's online presence.

Leveraging Viral Trends:Ben Newman demonstrated a keen understanding of TikTok's viral nature by strategically leveraging trending challenges, sounds, and memes. By creatively incorporating viral trends into his content, he stayed relevant and captured the attention of a wider audience, further amplifying his business's visibility.

Impact on Business:Ben's TikTok success had a transformative impact on his jacket potato business in Tamworth. People from all over the world traveled to visit Spudman, drawn by his viral TikTok content. The resulting queues down the road not only boosted sales but also brought additional trade into the town, contributing positively to the local economy.


Ben Newman's journey from TikTok sensation to business success exemplifies the power of social media in driving real-world impact. Through consistent posting, engaging with his audience, and leveraging viral trends, he not only elevated his business but also brought economic benefits to his community during a challenging time.


  • Consistently post engaging content on TikTok to maintain visibility and reach.
  • Actively engage with the audience by responding to comments and incorporating feedback.
  • Stay updated on viral trends and capitalise on opportunities to amplify business visibility.
  • Embrace the power of social media to drive real-world impact and contribute positively to the community.

By following these strategies, businesses can leverage platforms like TikTok to enhance their online presence, attract customers, and drive growth in today's digital landscape.