Wharf Distillery Cooking Tutorial

Engage with your followers by creating a home-cooked recipe
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Do you enjoy cooking? Creators are discovering remarkable success by engaging their audience through cooking tutorial videos. It's an excellent opportunity for your followers to connect with you better as you showcase your culinary skills.

Wharf Distillery wants to acknowledge your efforts by offering a personalised bottle of your chosen spirit, featuring your name and recipe on the label.

But here's the twist! Incorporating spirits into sauces or desserts not only enhances the flavour but also eliminates the alcohol content entirely when cooked.

This unexpected element adds both entertainment and education value, leading to significant traction for creators, as seen with examples like "Gigi Hadid's Spicy Vodka Pasta."

Take, for instance, Georgina, who crafted her own Vodka Pasta recipe. The results have been astonishing, with her video reaching over 3 million views and still climbing see here.

We're seeking inventive food creators to showcase the versatility of our premium spirits by incorporating them into your favourite home-cooked recipes. Whether it's a tantalising whisky-infused dessert, a zesty gin-marinated entrée, or a velvety vodka-infused pasta sauce, we challenge you to elevate your cooking boundaries by incorporating Wharf Distillery.

To be considered, please submit your recipe idea to

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